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My Dance

Monday, May 4, 2009

the idea suddenly pop out from my mind,
i would like to write down what dance i'd did b4...

Play back in my mind....

Breakdance, which i think is very important at first, but later on, i m not so focusing on it, i mean the power move etc...i still maintaining the basic move....I have a critic here, mny of the 'breakdancer' have a wrong idea of breakdance, they are juz practicing for the stun move and not even dancing, elo~~ breakdance neh, a dance is a dance, not exercising~ lol...

Popping n locking, it is very important influencing my dance, popping with lots of isolation move help me do better in any dance, the mime and other movement of popping is very useful while dancing.... bout locking....erm...its just i feel bored for locking here, all the ppl just doing same steps... just the same i think...

Hip Hop, in is my first considered now, cuz it involve everything inside, every creativity, no fix routine no fix skill.... its just like what i said in last post, can b dance without a fix style, it can b girl style, can b sexy, can be lyrical, funky and etc..... so i like it... although it still devided into mny types of hip hip, what i think is a nice dance is a nice dance, no need to consider the style...

House dance, the dance that are really new for me, but feel fun when dancing house dance, so enjoyed...XD fast and lots of legs movements, its quite hard.....still figuring it through my sifu --- The Great Youtube~~ XD

Krumping, also a hard dance, dont know the basic of this dance, but like it..... like the music, the dance attitude, powerful movement...etc...figuring also......through my youtube sifu too...XD while i talking about youtube, doesn't means a ppl should copy the whole thing from the internet, after i do learn something from it, i will digest it and do it in my own.... then is just really dancing...

Ballroom dancing, hahaha, u must think that i m joking rite? I did waltz, quickstep, tango, some salsa, and latin too....XD like i said, a dancer should try any dance rite~ while dancing ballroom dance, u should look like ballroom dancer; while other dance, u should follow the dance style accordingly...

Above are some dance that i have do before, but not my expert.....==

So combine all those dance 2gether,
there comes my dance style,
Combining everything, digest it, and dance....

I would like to learn more n more dance in the future...if possible~


  1. 小强 said...

    ya wor~~

    Poppin dam nice!!
    dam like strobing~ ^^

    House= Leg "Chao gan"<--cantonese

    Krumping= never try b4~~ Look very fierce...scare scare @@

    Heard Punking b4?
    It look quite stylish to me~

  2. bEll said...

    after view ur blog
    feel like i had go for a lecture class..

    wakaka...thx a lot.

  3. Mandy Pang said...

    everything u said is soooo true!!! i agree! coz i'm doing lots of dance too!!! =]